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uPVC windows are worldwide accepted by architects, engineers and end users as the preferred choice of window systems. Technological advancements in engineering and design and cheaper price compared to wood and aluminum are all conducive factors to it immense popularity.

WEATHERPROOF Our uPVC windows and doors are free from the attachment of acids, alkalis, waste gases and salts. Generally, modern uPVC windows and doors absorb water less than 0.1%. Moreover, the uniquely designed weep hole and weather stripping in the meeting rails of our window systems provide water resistance. High weather resistant quality is also achieved by anti-ultraviolet and high impact resistant formulation of the uPVC profiles. No quality detoriation occurs in uPVC windows even after prolonged exposure to extreme weather changes under scorching sun, storms, dryness and high humidity. Even in special conditions of coastal areas (salt, storm, sun) such as Coxs Bazaar, uPVC is not only applicable but best suited. Our uPVC windows do not corrode nor warp or suffer from colour migration even after many years are still attractive, perfectly tight and working well. One of the main features of our window and door systems is their resistance to driving rain & their joint tightness. They are designed to be water tight when tested to 300PA, the criterion that is used when assessing Australian Standards. In fact, test results show that most of our window types perform well above the minimum standard
TERMITEPROOF Termites and other kinds of bugs and pests cannot damage our uPVC windows unline wooden windows.
SOUNDPROOF Our uPVC windows reduce outside traffic noise to a whisper. They soundproof an interior by upto 40db. Do you live in a great location? Close to good schools, restaurants, trendy shops and transport? Or maybe you have neighbours who entertain long into the night or constantly renovating with no end in sight? Or perhaps your teenage children have a penchant for playing loud music of the heavy metal genre and you do not share their taste? Have you caught yourself feeling that you just want to get away from the noisy and hectic atmosphere? Noise pollution is often overlooked as a serious environmental problem, yet it detrimentally affects the health of humans and animals. Research shows that continuous exposure to noise levels at or above 65 dB can increase blood pressure and stress levels measured by release of adrenalin in the blood. Exposure to high noise levels can also damage the delicate hair cells in your inner ear causing your hearing to deteriorate. Noise has also been found to cause headaches, migraines and gastric problems. Approximately 10 percent of people living in industrialized areas have substantial hearing loss and children in the USA have an impaired hearing at a rate of 250% higher than their parents and grandparents. Noise-induced hearing loss, though preventable, is permanent! When your sleep is continuously interrupted by noise (levels over 30dB can disrupt sleep) and you always feel tired and irritable, don't take multivitamins or sleeping pills - get to the root of your problem: install Double Glazed Windows and Doors to eliminate the unwanted noise.
Our uPVC window system with double glazed option and multi-chambered profile deisng profile exceelent heat insulation. The move towards energy conservation is hugely important to reduce world consumption of fuel and the reduction of ozone depleting gases to help safeguard our future. The benefit is lower fuel bills by keeping out heat and cold, which means you do not need to run you cooling or heating system as long or as high as with traditional single glazed windows. Furthermore, since double glazed uPVC windows are charged with argon gas and filled with desiccants, they are heat reflective. uPVC provides marker thermal insulation meaning their thermal conductivity is extremely low. By contrast, the thermal conductivity of aluminium is 1000 times greater.
SECURITY Our uPVC windows and doors have an impact resistance of 3kg, 1 meter in height at 23 deg celcius meaning our uPVC windows can also be fitted in high rise buildings without any problems of strong winds. uPVC windows provide security against burglars due to integrated concealed mechanism. Security can be further enhanced by using tempered glass and key lock handles with multi-point locking system.
AESTHETICS Apart from the various security and energy saving advantages, our uPVc windows are also aesthetically pleasing. They greatly enhance the look of you building. Our Autograph Series wood grain profiles allow to have the look of grand wooden windows with none of the disadvantages.
Our uPVC windows are eco-friendly compared to aluminum windows and are 100% recyclable. They use less energy compared to aluminum during profile manufacture and also during recycling. uPVC profiles have a warranty of 30-40 years. Moreover, deforestation has been a serious problem in Bangladesh for quite some time now. There are various reasons for deforestation but the use of timbers as a construction material is also one of them. Basically, the use of UPVC as a construction material minimizes the use of timber and can be significant in controlling deforestation to some extent.
LOWER MAINTENANCE COST Our uPVC windows and doors do not need painting and polishing thus reducing any maintenance cost because they do not warp unlike wooden windows which expand and contract in rainy season and need regular repair and maintenance. In the long run uPVC windows and doors almost return back the initial investment made on them and hence making it free of cost during its lifetime.
Why Double Glazing?
What is Double Glazing?

Double glazed windows comprise of a double glass windowpane separated by a spacer and hermetically sealed to form a single glazed unit with an air gap between each lite. As the name suggests, the most important function of double glazed windows is to improve the thermal performance of glass when used in architectural applications. Insulated glazing may be framed in a sash or frame. A more technically correct term, though, is insulating glass, since the glass itself has no insulative properties. It is actually the air space between the glass layers (lites) that provides the insulative qualities. The air space between the lites is filled with an inert gas like argon or krypton to provide better insulating performance.

The air trapped in between the windowpanes reduces heat transmission and loss through the glass panes. Unlike conventional glass panes, by inhibiting heat transmission, double glazing installations help to prevent heat from entering a room during summer and escaping a room during winter. A popular choice for windows and doors in all types of residential and commercial properties, double glazing helps to keep a room comfortable in all seasons.

How does Double Glazing work?

Typically the spacer is filled with Desiccant to prevent condensation and improve insulating performance. (Desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that induces or sustains a state of dryness (desiccation) in its local vicinity in a well sealed container.) Less commonly, most of the air is removed, leaving a partial vacuum, which drastically reduces heat transfer through convection and conduction. This is called evacuated glazing. Often the insulating quality is used in reference to heat flow where the gap between glazed sheets is the insulating medium. The air gap between the panes is generally between 6mm to 20mm thick.

The thickness has a substantial impact on the insulating properties. A 16mm air gap is considered the optimum thickness and is usually recommended by most users. Insulated glass may not be cut to size in the field like plate glass but must be manufactured to the proper size in a shop equipped with special equipment.

Double Glazing 1. Spacer performs the role of keeping the glass panes apart as well acts as a housing for the desiccant.
2. Desiccant or the drying agent performs the most important role in an IGU; that of absorbing the moisture from the hermetically sealed space.
3. Silicon Sealant is applied on the outside of the unit. It performs several roles, chief among them of providing structural strength.
4. Butyl Sealant is the first line of defence for the hermetic seal.

Benefits of Double Glazing
Reduces Cold Air Loss Double glazing offers a number of benefits. Obstructing heat transmission through glass panes is the key advantage of double glazing installations. Thermal insulation primarily depends upon the dryness of the air inside the IGU, as well as the quality of the hermetic seal. Double glazed windows work on the principle of reducing conduction and convection heat transfer across the unit. Dry air is a poor conductor of heat. Due to the air-gap, the conducted heat through glass is reduced significantly as it reaches the second pane. During the hotter months of the year, double glazing of window panes inhibit the entrance of During the cooler months, double glazing of window panes lowers energy consumption, thereby reducing the heating bill. However, the exact heat retention efficiency of a double glazed window is determined by the energy rating of the window.
Lower Electricity Bills In the summer, heat is transmitted through the glass and is absorbed by the walls, furniture, floors, etc. By using double glazed uPVC window and door products with a low solar heat gain coefficient, the solar radiation coming into one’s home is decreased. This reduces the amount of heat entering the home, thereby improving one’s homes comfort level and lessening the amount of energy needed for cooling during warm weather months.
Reduces Noise Pollution Apart from lowering the energy consumption bill, double glazing also reduces sound transmission. Hence, for residential and commercial buildings located near busy roads, double glazed windows and doors protect the occupants from noise pollution.
Stops Window Fogging During the cooler seasons, double glazed windows create warmer interior glass surfaces, reducing frost and condensation from forming.
Protects Interior Furniture Another benefit is that during daylight hours, sunlight is transmitted through the glass and is absorbed by the walls, furniture and flooring. Many materials, such as carpet, curtains, upholstery, artwork and wood may fade upon exposure to sunlight. Window glass selection influences the type and intensity of ultraviolet (UV) rays, which causes fading and degradation.
Increased Security Double glazed windows are stronger and more durable than the single glazed or ordinary window panes. From the security point of view, double glazed windows are the appropriate options for preventing break-ins or burglary. Moreover, good quality double glazed doors and windows have built-in locking system that augments the safety of your home further.
Environment Friendly Installing double glazed windows and door helps to reduce the carbon dioxide load in the environment. The heating systems in residential and commercial buildings produce significant amount of carbon dioxide. By reducing energy consumption, apart from reducing the heating bill, double glazed windows and door also help to reduce carbon dioxide production.
Improves Appearance of Property It is worth investing in double glazing installations. Converting all the single glazed windows in your house into double glazed windows significantly improves the appearance of your property. The window frames come in a variety of colors that complement the exterior and interior design of a house. The double glazed windows and doors are suitable for all types of property. They are widely used in contemporary homes. They are also suitable for historic houses.
Upvc Vs Wood Vs Aluminum
  • Excellent Insulator
  • Reduces air infiltration, will not shrink or warp
  • Easy to clean, low maintenance
  • Durable, no pitting, peeling, rotting, corroding, warping, decaying
  • Ease of operation
  • Custom size opening
  • Strength
  • Beauty and Aesthetics
  • Strength, if not steel reinforced
  • Brittle if not correctly modified
  • Will not decay or warp
  • Strength
  • Extremely poor insulator
  • Allows condensation to form
  • Pits, corrodes, dents and scratches
  • Most frames & sash are mechanically fastened, usually with screws that may eventually loosen.
  • Painted aluminium windows may chip and scratch.
  • Excellent insulator
  • Beauty and aesthetics
  • Absorbs moisture which can lead to possible rotting or warping resulting in air and water infiltration.
  • Requires regular painting and maintenance
  • Paint chips and peels
  • Inferior milling for interlocks and weather-strip pockets.

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